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ELMOLINE EDUCATION SERVICES, specialized in promotion overseas institution to potential local students who wish to pursue their further studies abroad. Over 16 years dedicated services both students and represents institutional partnership.

Counselling support assisting pre and post guidance in appliying for school admission, accomodation, travel documentations, applying student visa.

Elmoline Education Services with high integrity attitude as service company to ensure satisfaction for every customer ( Students and parents) as company core value.

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  • Application, documentation and Consultation for enroll to University.
    • Registration & Test arrangement Offer letter from the School and Report to School Submission completed documents.

  • Student pass submission and collection
    • Coordinate Solar Code for ICA application with School and on line application to ICA for Student pass Medical Checkup Arrangement at Singapore Pre departure breafing by Elmoline.
      Airport pick up service for group departure & Singapore orientation

      Embassy Change Address

      Open Bank Account in Singapore

    • We help parents and students to:

      - Make an appointment to visit the hostel

      - Reserve and book the hostel

  • Tuition Grant Deed (TGD) Consultation
    • To ensure the students and parents know and understand the explanation related to the Tuition Grant Deed (TGD) Agreement

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A Day with NAFA

2020-08-19 04:01:04

A Day with NAFA!
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